New To Vaping: What You Need to Get Started

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, largely because many individuals believe that it is far safer than conventional tobacco cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking; and this has even been indicated through various research studies.[1][2] Vaping does not come with the same harsh chemical smell as conventional tobacco smoking does, and it often does far less damage to an individual’s teeth, lungs and breath. Furthermore, a wide variety of vaping liquids and flavors provide users with far more options than conventional tobacco cigarettes, pipes or cigars do. Many smokers are encouraged to switch to vaping as a safer alternative that satisfies their cravings without inundating their body and environment with harmful chemicals. Whether these individuals simply make the switch, or use vaping in order to assist them in quitting all smoking, vaping has been widely embraced as a better alternative to smoking tobacco products. However, vaping is also a bit more complex to get started on than conventional cigarettes, and individuals who are new to vaping can find it more than a little daunting. Following is a simple guide for how to get started.

Getting Started

If you want to being vaping, you undoubtedly know that you need to acquire a good vaping kit. There are disposable and rechargeable kits that are relatively inexpensive, but these are better suited to the individual who simply wants to try out vaping. An individual who is certain they want to make the switch and who desires to have an enjoyable vaping experience should take the time to acquire quality hardware and vaping liquids. Unfortunately, this can lead an individual to spend hours visiting various websites and forums, buying the products they think they may need or like, only to wind up without getting what they are truly looking for. It is far better to understand the exact components one will need, and where it is best to find them.

There are five main components to a good vaping kit:

1. A “mod”. This is the main housing that contains the battery, which heats the coil in order to produce the vapor. Arguably one of the best mods on the market is the Ego-C Twist, which is roughly $20 to $30[3]. This is a variable-voltage mod that allows the user to select the voltage they wish to use when producing vapor. This means that the user can select the exact degree of taste they wish to experience, which may change depending on the time of day or the particular vaping liquid they are using. It also has a voltage regulator that allows for consistent vapor production until the battery is entirely depleted.

2. A “tank”. This is where the vaping liquid is stored. The tank attaches to the battery unit and has a wick to carry the liquid to the coil. Arguably one of the best tanks on the market is the Vision Clearomizer V3, which is roughly $5[4]. This tank allows the user to change the wick, head and colored tank casing, and holds roughly 1.6 ml of vaping liquid. It is easy to fill and easy to clean, and can even be filled with a different liquid without requiring cleaning. It also doesn’t leak if it is inverted.

3. A “drip tip”. This is the part of the unit that you inhale from, and it attaches to the top of the tank. Arguably one of the best drip tips on the market is the stainless steel drip tip, which is roughly $7[5]. It is comfortable, easy to clean, and fits snugly to the tank when used with the CE-4 Adapter, which is roughly $4[6].

4. The “e-juice”. This is the flavored vaping liquid that is heated to produce the vapor you inhale. There are many hundreds of flavors to choose from, of all different qualities, and this is where an individual should take the time to be very, very picky. Some vaping liquid providers give out free samples with any size order, and some offer starter and sample packs so one can try out a variety of flavors in small amounts.

5. A battery charger. This is used to charge the mod, and is normally done through either a USB cord or a power outlet. Arguably one of the best battery chargers on the market is the Ego-C USB, which is roughly $8[7]. It can be charged either through a USB or power outlet, and it works with all types of Ego batteries.

There are also some starter kits available for purchase that come with a carrying kit as well as each of the five main components listed above, but these can often be a bit more expensive than selecting each of the products individually, and they may not include such top quality components as those recommended herein. It can also be nice to have two kits, or at least two mods and several separate tanks, in order to have an available unit while the other one is charging and in order to make faster flavor changes.