Bruno L.

Bruno L.

I used to smoke cigarettes since I was 17. Even though I wasn’t a heavy smoker, it was very difficult to quit the habit. I tried several times, but the worst cringe, unsurprisingly, occurred when I was drinking alcohol. I got this anxiety climbing up on me every time I had a sip of beer. The first thought that I had was that I needed a cig. I managed to stay smoke free for a few days without smoking, but then came the weekend and attending bars, and the push was hard.

Fortunately, 10 years later, I managed to substitute the cigarettes with vaping. I was forced to do it, in a way, because I couldn’t smoke inside my apartment and going outside for a smoke, during winter, was awful. But the transition was easier than I thought it would be, and I managed to stay vaping for two years. In this sense I can say I’m grateful for Chicago winters!

In this process, I found out that I was allergic to PG (propylene glycol). When I hit 50/50 juices, my throat would burn and even clog a little bit. Plus I had headaches. Fortunately there were options in the market for high-VG juices, and even PG-free ones.

However, the addiction didn’t go away, and there were many occasions where I simply had to vape. I even vaped in an airplane bathroom a few times.
Two years later I decided to try the nic-free vape juice. To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, there were only two or three days when I drank alcohol and missed my nicotine.
After 6 weeks I realized I wasn’t addicted anymore! I was still vaping, but only when I saw the vape standing there on the table. My brain wasn’t reminding me that I had to vape.

Now I can go to dinner, drink some wine, and don’t even bother about vaping. The same goes with beer, or pretty much anything else. I definitely changed, and feel really good about it. The urge is over. This way of life is better, and I hope my story can help encourage other people to take a leap of faith. A slow, gradual process was what worked best for me. I’m sure there are others who will benefit from it as well.