I was a pack and a half smoker for over 35 years. It was a week before a road trip and my partner (a non-smoker) suggested going to a vape shop. I was skeptical, I had tried vape products many years ago when they first came out and they were absolutely awful. I reluctantly went. I bought my first beginner vape products. Armed with my cigarettes and my new vape we hit the road.

I vaped some on the drive to our destination and smoked at every rest stop. When we arrived at our destination and settled in I decided to only smoke when I was outside and limit myself to five cigarettes. That was day one of the vacation. On day two, I did the the same thing but, took three cigarettes. On day three I only vaped and had no cigarettes with me while sightseeing. By the end of the week I was only vaping. On the way home we stopped again at the vape shop and I bought more supplies, I have been tobacco free since September, 2014. It’s been a little over six years since I quit smoking for good! I could never have done it without being able to vape. I know this is true because I tried cold turkey, hypnosis, the patch, cutting back, changing cigarette brands and gadgets that unlocked your cigarettes at increasingly longer intervals…rinse & repeat.

I feel 100% better! Over time I have lowered the milligrams of nicotine ( I started at 12 mg the first two weeks, dropped down to 6 mg for five or six months and ended up at 3 mg ) I use and the amount of time I vape. I vape very little now perhaps, two or three times a day and the length of each of these times is approximately a third of the time it takes to smoke one cigarette.

I feel great and I’m really convinced vaping is far less detrimental to my health than cigarettes. I also believe it is less addictive.

I found your products and love that they are organic. I’m just sorry that one of my favorites is no longer available. These new regulations really make me angry. Why don’t they regulate alcohol the same way?… from now on there is only going to be rot gut whiskey because anything else; flavored coolers, flavored liqueurs and beer will cause teens to drink. We all know this is ridiculous.

More teens are harmed by drinking, smoking, consuming sugar & fat leading to obesity than they are by vaping. There is better legislation to be had then this.

Thanks for a great product.