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Teenage Vape Users: 5 Tips On Vaping & How Not To Go Overboard


Vaping is a common hobby now, a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, and a “cool” past time.  While the vape world is constantly changing, the premise and intentions behind vaping have been the same.  People wanted a way to get nicotine without having to expose themselves to the seventy or more carcinogens that are contained in cigarettes.  Because vaping is a pretty new trend still, people who are interested in the “vape trend” should have some tips going into it.  Particularly for teenage vaping, there are some guidelines to follow to have a good time with this hobby but also to not go overboard.

Teenage Vape Tips

Just with any pastime, one should know something of the hobby before they get too involved in it.  Especially since vaping is a hobby that also involves putting something into the body, teens and grown adults alike should know what they are doing before they become full-time vape enthusiasts.

Here are some basic tips for young people who are interested in vaping:

  • Go the extra mile to ensure you are getting e-juice from good, reputable U.S. manufactures. The e-juice is what will be going in your body, so it’s important to get this right.  The temptation to get cheaper, Chinese knockoff e-juices is definitely there, but it is far better to go with a healthier, more pure e-juice that’s made in the U.S.  When buying e-juices, pay attention to the ingredients for those juices, and watch for impurities or odd chemicals that are not normal for e-juice.
  • Understand the vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio in your e-liquid. Most vape enthusiasts will either enjoy a high vegetable glycerin content in their e-liquid or a low vegetable glycerin content.  Depending on your own, personal tastes, you may prefer higher or lower VG ratios.  A high vegetable glycerin content will produce thick smoke and a smooth hit.  Low vegetable glycerin content will have smaller clouds and a richer, deeper hit.  Most ex-smokers prefer low vegetable glycerin content, whereas vaping hobbyists who are more in it for the hobby will prefer a high vegetable glycerin content.
  • When performing maintenance on your vaporizer, check the battery connections frequently for e-juice build up. Also, empty and clean out your e-liquid tank regularly.  Vaporizers do require pretty frequent maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency.  One of the biggest mistakes that young or new vaping enthusiasts make is that they do not perform regular maintenance on their vaporizer units.  When this happens, parts break, vaporizers become compromised, and vaping hobbyists will often have to purchase all-new equipment.
  • Change your coil frequently! Some might consider it annoying, but the vaporizer coil is the make-break point of the vape experience.  Vaping enthusiasts who change their coils frequently experience a much better vaping experience.  Changing coils infrequently not only results in a poor experience, but it is harmful to any vaporizer unit.  A fresh coil on a regular basis keeps vaping fun and enjoyable and keeps each hit about the same as the last hit.
  • When people first start vaping, they will tend to go overboard a bit and vape a lot. This is pretty normal but should be avoided.  New vaping enthusiasts, especially young vaping enthusiasts should pace themselves.  The thing about vaping is that, though it is not smoking cigarettes, it can be addictive in its own way because most e-juices have some nicotine in them.  Granted, you can get e-liquid that does not have nicotine in it, but most choose to get e-liquid that contains nicotine.  The standard advice when getting started to vape is to pace oneself and take it easy, as over-vaping can sort of “burn a person out” and can also be conducive to headaches and stomach aches.

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