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Vaping at Any Age: 3 Tips for Every E-Cigarette User

There are plenty divided on the topic of vaping and e-cigarettes. The main debate is on the health regulations and studies that show vaping as two sides: healthy and not healthy. But with the newest possible takeover for vaping being e-liquid vitamins, what will stop this new massive phenomenon from taking over? And who will jump onboard it?

Why Vaping is Considered Safe

It’s easy to be biased if you vape, though, ignoring studies and health warnings would be foolish. While vaping is still considered new to the scene compared to cigarettes, the divide stills stand amongst the people who vape and those who are against it. There have been numerous studies and occasional freakouts over popcorn lungs, too much nicotine, and other results that have created a virtual line where one side is for and the other against vaping.

Vaping is considered much safer than smoking cigarettes and those statistics can’t lie. Here are the pros of vaping versus smoking:

  • Cigarettes are filled with chemical additives, such as tar, fiberglass, ammonia, arsenic, butane, acetone, and more. Vape e-juice, from trusted and certified brands, have organic ingredients and are made without harmful chemicals.
  • Smoking is known to cause lung cancer and other smoke-related diseases. No studies reveal the connection between this and vaping.
  • Cigarettes are addictive and while nicotine is an addictive substance, the lower percentage of it in vaping doesn’t create such a destructive habit like cigarette smoking does.
  • E-cigarettes do not cause bad smokers breath, residual “second hand” smoke, and no potential cigarette burns.
  • Vaping spares the respiratory system, unlike cigarettes.

With the vaping industry now over 1. 16 billion dollars, it’s no wonder that other healthy alternatives are in the works for e-cigarettes, including the popular Juul. A new wellness brand called breathe has launched a vape product that mists vitamin B12 into your body. Similar to e-juice products containing nicotine, this brand replaces nicotine with B12 instead.

For those looking for a healthier lifestyle, this could be your newest fad to jump into while still enjoying the benefits of vaping. For those curious about B12, this vitamin is known to help boost energy and promote bone health. Breathe could just be the start of a new line of vape e-juices targeted for health and wellness.

Although, knowing what is in your standard e-liquid is just as important.

Real Organic Vapors E-Liquid

With the boom of vaping and e-cigarettes, there have been too many products created with poor quality ingredients. Many vape users buy their e-liquid in gas stations or random shops or stands that sell vaping products. It’s vital to the overall function and betterment of your vape lifestyle to know what exactly is in your e-juice. Most are made from ingredients that contain GMOs, pesticides, chemical additives found in cigarettes, and artificial sweeteners.

Choosing to vape over smoking is the right choice, though not if you’re still inhaling the wrong ingredients. At Real Organic Vapors, every e-juice is USDA certified organic and is produced from byproducts that have zero GMOs, pesticides, chemical additives, propylene glycol, or artificial sweeteners. They are also manufactured and made in the USA, not outsourced from China like so many others.

Each e-liquid is housed in amber glass bottles to ensure purity and a long shelf life; even the packaging is made from recycled materials. The caps are child-proof and Real Organic Vapors uses the first USDA organic nicotine for each e-juice! You’ll be hard pressed to find other brands and sellers that can offer this!

Shop the Real Organic Vapors online store and stock up on the finest quality e-juice for the very best vape experience! And remember to read the ingredients list before you buy locally (or on other online vape stores)!

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