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Which E-Juice Flavor Are You?

If you’ve been a tobacco smoker for any length of time and you’ve recently made the switch to vaping, you are no doubt celebrating the many benefits of having done so[1] .  Not the least of these benefits is your ability to choose an e-juice flavor that best suits your personal tastes and desires.  Instead of becoming incredibly overwhelmed by the many different e-juice flavor choices laid out before you, take a moment to relax and discover the e-juice flavor you naturally are.

Finding Your E-Juice Flavor

The specific e-juice flavor that you are well matched to can best be determined from some other basic likes you have.  Consider the following choices:

Is your dream vacation:

A) Driving cross-country across the United States,

B) Horseback riding in New Zealand,

C) Visiting the Italian Riviera

D) Playing a favorite video game

Is your favorite color:

A) Red

B) Purple

C) Green

D) All colors

Is your preferred animal:

A) A dog

B) A cat

C) A sloth

D) A mythical creature

Is your favorite food:

A) Cheeseburgers

B) Fried chicken

C) Salmon

D) Spoonfuls of guacamole

Is your favorite movie genre:

A) Westerns

B) Film noir

C) Foreign

D) Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio

Is your favorite place to vape:

A) In the car as you cruise down the highway

B) In a steamy shower

C) In front of the mirror

D) While otherwise indisposed

If you mostly chose As, you are a tobacco-flavored e-juice–preferring to keep things simple and without frills.  If you mostly chose Bs, you are a fruit-flavored e-juice–craving fresh air, sunshine and an exotic flair.  If you mostly chose Cs, you are a coffee-flavored e-juice–a go-getter who may need help to get the day started but will always get the job done.  If you mostly chose Ds, you are a dessert-flavored e-juice–sweet and eager for adventure.  If you chose an even mix of letters, you are a little bit of every flavor.  You may enjoy tradition, but also a bit of adventure and excitement.  Rather than a steady, rhythmic and unchanging pattern, you prefer to explore the world of vaping to see what lies in store.

Whatever e-juice flavor you are, the bottom line is that vaping can be a fun experience that you will get the most out of–if you are willing to have a little fun and try new things.


1 thought on “Which E-Juice Flavor Are You?

  1. I am a former tobacco smoker so I always choose tobacco-flavored e-juice–preferring because it gives me the feeling of smoking still tobacco

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