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Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking: Can E-Cigs Help?

Individuals who decide to smoke despite potential or actual adverse health effects can have many reasons for doing so.  They may feel that smoking soothes them, that it tastes good, that it creates desirable effects, or that it even helps them to manage their weight.  In fact, many individuals who are interested in quitting smoking for the health benefits are yet concerned about the weight gain they feel will surely follow[1].  Fortunately, e-cigs may be able to help.

How E-Cigs Can Help Prevent Weight Gain

While weight gain does not automatically occur as a result of quitting smoking, many individuals who quit smoking can experience hunger cravings as a result of abstaining from cigarette smoking as well as a sort of “emptiness” in their hands.  In other words, the absence of a cigarette in the hand can be quite noticeable for the individual, and coupled with hunger cravings it can cause the individual to reach for more food, which obviously results in an increase in weight.  That is, unless they have a better alternative, like e-cigs.

E-Cigs can help to prevent weight gain after you quit smoking because they will take the edge off cigarette withdrawals by giving you a little bit of nicotine, allow you to continue the hand-to-mouth motion you have become accustomed to and provide you with a wide range of satisfying flavors.  Instead of causing an individual to gain weight, quitting tobacco smoking has the potential to help the individual lose weight, as they may become more conscious of their various habits, and even dispense with some of the habits they used to do in conjunction with their cigarette smoking (like alcohol consumption).

With hundreds of e-liquid flavors to choose from, vapors are often able to satisfy their various food and drink cravings by vaping a specific e-liquid flavor, rather than eating the food that provides that flavor.  For example, if a vapor wants a peanut butter cup, an ice cream sundae, a caramel mocha frappe or even a margarita, they would probably be able to find the e-liquid that would satisfy them.  When one also considers the fact that a vapor could actually steadily decrease their nicotine intake until they are consuming no nicotine at all, why wouldn’t you want to use vaping in order to quit smoking?


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