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E-Liquid Safety Tips For Parents of Young Children

With the ever-increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, one may wonder what it is that makes them so appealing.  There are actually many benefits for switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes[1] –not the least of which is the lack of offensive smoke smells, tar and tobacco, the individual’s ability to choose the amount of nicotine they ingest, and the many different e-liquid flavor choices that are available.  Some individuals find that e-cigarettes are a better fit for their lifestyles, while others use them as a means through which they quit smoking altogether.  It’s certainly true that individuals can better control their nicotine consumption through e-cigarette use, reducing it slowly.  However, the fact is that liquid nicotine is highly toxic[2], potentially leading to rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, confusion, seizures, coma and death.  Parents of young children need to be aware that even skin contact can result in major health issues, so that they take action to protect their child from accidental exposure.

E-Liquid Safety Tips

Children are naturally very curious, and the fact that e-liquid looks and smells nice can drive them to inspect it.  Considering that even the most diligent parents can turn their backs at a critical moment, it is important to follow these important safety tips:

● Put your e-liquid in a childproof container.  Some e-liquid manufacturers use childproof containers, but others do not.  If you can choose your e-liquids from among the manufacturers that use childproof containers, that is ideal.  If you prefer an e-liquid that does not come in a childproof container, place it inside your own childproof container.

● Always keep your e-cigarette and vaping supplies out of sight of children.  Curiosity drives many children to inspect those things that are being kept out of their reach, and they will scale shelves and counters to reach them–unless they don’t know they are there.  This means that you should only refill your cartridges when children are not around, and will therefore not see the e-liquid or where you put it.

● Consider nicotine-free e-liquids.  E-liquids are available with a variety of nicotine concentrations–including none at all.  Even if your use of e-cigarettes was not for the primary purpose of quitting all smoking, it’s still a very good idea to wean yourself off nicotine use.  A child that ingests a nicotine-free e-liquid may still experience some discomfort, but will not be at risk of experiencing the same sort of dangerous health consequences.



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