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Guide to Preventing Dry and Burnt Hits From Your Vape

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It may take a bit of time and patience in order to create the vaping experience that works best to suit your own personal needs, but chances are that you will find that the time spent is very well worth it when you are able to puff big, fluffy clouds while enjoying your favorite e-liquid. Nothing may be more distressing then, after taking the time to create a quality vape pen and find the best vaping liquid, to take a huge pull only to be hit by a dry or burnt hit that stings in your throat and tastes awful. As a matter of fact, even the most devoted vapers can find that dry and burnt hits can be an enormous turnoff, effectively ruining the vaping experience.

Preventing Dry and Burnt Hits

Fortunately, dry and burnt hits are not a normal part of the vaping experience and they can be prevented. Following are some of the basic reasons these dry and burnt hits could occur, and what you can do to prevent them:

  • Your coils are old or burnt. If your customized vape pen is routinely performing the way it should and then all of a sudden it produces burnt hits, it is quite possible that the problem is old or burnt coils. Simply replace them with new ones and try again.
  • Your coils have not been properly primed. If your vape pen produces burnt hits immediately upon being warmed up, it may be that your coils are not properly primed. You can fix this by placing a few drops of e-liquid on the wick holes before filling your tank and letting the coil sit inside for roughly half an hour. The time spent priming your coils will be well worth it.
  • You are using too high a wattage. If you have replaced and primed your coils and you’re still experiencing burnt hits, chances are you are vaping at a wattage that is too high for your coils and is, therefore, burning them.
  • Your e-liquid is the wrong blend for your vape pen. E-liquids with a high VG content can be difficult for some vape pens to handle because they are thicker than e-liquids with a high PG content. You can experiment with lower VG e-liquids until you find the blend that is right for your vape pen and tastes good. Poor quality e-liquids and e-liquids that contain too much sweetener can also wreak havoc on wicks and cause dry and burnt hits, so ensure you are always using high-quality e-liquids.[1]
  • You’re using too much wicking material. If you have a rebuildable atomizer and you are using too much wicking material, you may experience burnt hits. You can solve this by researching how others have properly wicked the same type of atomizer or by experimenting with the amount of wicking material you use until you find the perfect amount.
  • Your coils are dirty. One of the most common reasons for burnt hits is dirty coils, and it’s easy to resolve. Simply take your atomizer apart and rinse them well with warm water, or clean them in an ultrasonic cleaner, to get all the built-up gunk off of them. If they continue to look burnt or unnaturally dark even after being cleaned then they need to be replaced altogether.
  • The weather may be affecting your e-liquid. Colder weather can actually make high-PG e-liquid really thick as if it’s a high-VG e-liquid, which can cause dry and burnt hits. This is best resolved by simply keeping your vape pen protected from extreme changes in the weather, and limiting the amount of vaping you do outside in cold weather.

It may take some time to correctly determine and resolve which of the above reasons are contributing to the dry and burnt hits you are getting from your vape, and it’s possible that more than one thing is to blame. However, if you work through these various solutions and resolve the problem, you should be able to go back to enjoying vaping. After all, vaping isn’t the same as tobacco smoking and while it can take time to get used to, it should never burn your throat.


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