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Dirty Vape Tank: 5 Ways to Get it Clean

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In many cases, individuals choose to switch to e-cigarette use to wean themselves off of nicotine or reduce their levels of nicotine cravings. Making the switch requires that you understand some basic information on e-cigarettes, including the various types and styles available to you, as well as the many different types of e-liquids. It also requires that you learn about your electronic vaping device and how to keep it clean so that you can experience the full flavor of each e-liquid without the lingering taste of any previously-used e-liquid, or any other strange flavors that result from a dirty vape tank.

Cleaning Your Vape Tank

You may desire to experience a clean, crisp new vaping flavor simply by changing your e-liquid, but unfortunately, a dirty vape tank can ruin your plans. Some individuals try to resolve this problem by simply changing the coil head, which is occasionally effective, but strong flavors like tobacco, coffee, menthol or cinnamon can sometimes make it impossible to get the clean flavor you want. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively and thoroughly clean your vape tank in order to eliminate all other flavors and improve your vaping experience.

  1. One of the easiest ways to clean your vape tank is by taking it apart completely and thoroughly washing it in warm water. Use a small cup or bowl filled with water and microwave it for two minutes to soak your various tank parts in. You may think that using hot water is a better option for thoroughly sanitizing your vape tank, but since this has the potential to damage your o-rings it is best to stick with warm water. If your vaping device has replaceable coil heads, these will need to be removed before cleaning your tank. In some cases, the coil heads are in good condition and can be re-used, but they may hold onto some of the previous e-liquid no matter how thoroughly you clean the tank. If you want to completely eliminate previously-used flavors, it will be necessary to install new coil heads. When the water in the bowl has cooled back to room temperature, rinse all your tank parts under the faucet and use a paper towel to gently dry them as much as possible, before letting them sit until they are completely dry.
  2. Another way to clean your vape tank is by taking it apart completely and letting it soak in a bowl of unflavored PG liquid for awhile before allowing it to drip dry. Unflavored VG liquid can also be used to clean a tank, but as it is much thicker than PG liquid it can be more difficult to clean off.
  3. Rinsing with vinegar, baking soda, and grain alcohol (ethanol) is another effective way to get a vape tank sparkly clean. If you choose to use vinegar, it is important to remember that the strong smell can also mean a strong lingering taste, so it will need to be thoroughly rinsed off after use. Baking soda does not have any smell and can be quite effective if rubbed on well, perhaps with a child’s toothbrush. Grain alcohol can be purchased at a liquor store and is also an effective vape tank cleaner.
  4. Ultrasonic cleaners are quickly becoming a more popular vape tank cleaning method due to their effectiveness. These cleaning machines are normally used for cleaning jewelry and other precious metals but have been proven to provide the most thorough cleaning for vape tanks as well. Fortunately, you don’t need to search for an ultrasonic cleaner that is made especially for cleaning vape tanks, as anyone you find should be able to do the trick. That said, you will benefit from using one that has a timed cleaning cycle lasting longer than five minutes.
  5. Finally, as mentioned earlier, you can improve the cleanliness and taste of your vape tank by changing out your coil heads–usually in conjunction with also thoroughly cleaning your vape tank. If you are concerned about the cost of regularly buying new coil heads you can look into rebuildables–this way you can ensure the clean vaping taste you desire at a more affordable cost.

Sometimes, thoroughly cleaning a dirty vape tank is as simple as taking it apart and rinsing it, while other times it will require more detailed work. You can experiment with several different options to find the one that works best for you, helping to preserve the ideal vaping experience you desire.


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  1. My tank was leaking since last week and I was really worried about that. It costs me a lot to buy new vape tank. But after reading your article, now I am able to fix my tank leakage. Thanks a lot.

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