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Mouth Hits vs Lung Hits: What’s the Difference

There are obviously many differences between tobacco smoking and vaping[1], but one of the most noticeable differences is the vaper’s ability to produce lung hits, whereas tobacco smokers typically only experience mouth hits. But what’s the difference between the two?

Mouth Hits and Lung Hits

Tobacco smokers typically inhale smoke into their mouth and then breathe this smoke into their lungs.  This is referred to as a mouth hit, and because it is truly the only way to inhale tobacco smoke due to the fact that tobacco cigarette filters require pressure to pull the smoke through, it is not unusual for beginning vapers to take mouth hits on their e-cigarettes.

Where the very first e-cigarettes to hit the market may have all looked pretty similar to one another, the technology and equipment have since changed markedly, providing users with more diverse vaping experiences.  E-cigarettes that allow a looser airflow can produce more vapor, which can be highly satisfying.  However, it is difficult to create a looser airflow with a mouth hit, which is why vapers sometimes use lung hits.

Lung hits occur when the vaper inhales directly into their lungs.  It is best done with a vaping unit that is designed for lung hits, otherwise, the user may experience harsh throat hits that lead to coughing fits.  Whereas atomizers and tanks that don’t have air flow control are best at producing mouth hits, atomizers, and tanks with air flow control allow vapers to adjust as necessary, allowing for the looser air flow needed to produce lung hits.

In addition to the appropriate vaping unit, one should also consider using a specific e-juice for lung hits, specifically one that has very little or no nicotine content.  Without being able to filter vapor through the mouth before it moves into the lungs, lung hits with nicotine content in the e-juice is more potent than mouth hits and can cause undesirable head rushes, a sore throat and very violent coughing.

Another key difference between mouth hits and lung hits is the experience of flavor.  Mouth hits allow the vaper to fully experience the richness of their chosen e-juice flavor, whereas lung hits allow the vaper to fully experience big vapor clouds at the cost of the full richness of their e-juice flavor.  In the end, the individual himself will have to decide which type of hit he prefers, but at least they have choices!


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