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Organic Vape Juice vs. Commercial Brands: Dissecting the Difference & Importance

Though the “vape culture” now easily comprises several million Americans, the ins and outs of vape juice are still not that well understood, even by committed vape enthusiasts. Vape juice comes in all different types, under dozens, perhaps hundreds of different brand names. Vape juice, or “e-juice” as it is often called, also comes in at different price points and quality levels. When getting into vaping as a hobby or as a way to get off of cigarettes or perhaps as both, it is important to understand vape juice and what comprises it.

The Key Ingredients in Vape Juices

When we are looking at vaping juices or e-juices, we should first break down these substances into their primary ingredients. The vast majority of vape juices will likely be comprised of:

• Water to create a physical basis on which the chemicals can be combined.

• Food-grade flavoring to give each juice its own, unique flavor.

• A choice of various nicotine levels ranging from zero nicotine to high nicotine levels, depending on the individual’s preference.

• Propylene glycol (PG) to create fluidity in the water and to distribute the nicotine and flavoring with uniformity throughout the liquid. Propylene glycol can also be found in other food and medicine-based substances like vanilla extract, food colorings, medicines, salves, creams, etc. When propylene glycol is used in vaporizers, it creates a stronger, more potent “throat hit” for the user.


• Vegetable glycerin (VG), which essentially accomplishes the same thing that the propylene glycol does. Vegetable glycerin is considered a substitute for propylene glycol, and it’s considered more of an organic or natural alternative to propylene glycol as it is vegetable-based and non-synthetic. Vegetable glycerin also creates a different effect on the actual experience of vaping itself, i.e. bigger and thicker vape clouds and a sweeter taste for the user.

These are the basic components of e-juice for vaporizer units. The propylene glycol or vegetable glycol will make up about ninety percent of the total chemicals in the water, whereas the nicotine and flavorings combine only comprise about ten percent of the total chemicals.

The Difference Between Organic and Commercial Vape Juice

The difference between commercial e-liquids and organic liquids is rather prominent. Right off the bat, we can say that organic liquids are made in the most eco-friendly manner possible. They are GMO-free, cruelty-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and do not use any byproducts of any animals. Such e-juices are vegan safe and gluten-free as well. They are ethically made and distributed. Organic juices are made with vegetable glycerin, not propylene glycol.

Organic e-juices will also carry a guarantee of no artificial flavorings or artificial colorings. Furthermore, the extraction process of actually getting the vegetable glycerin is done as naturally as possible. The extraction process does not use any chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. The process is as simple and as ethical as using heat, water, and a significant amount of time to extract the vegetable glycerin. The ethyl alcohol used in the extraction process of most organic vapors is going to come from organic sugar cane to maintain the stamp of full organic and eco-friendly authenticity.

When we shift our attention to the tobacco and nicotine side of organic vape juices, to earn the label of “Full Organic,” such nicotine has to come from tobacco farms that do not use pesticides or insecticides in their processes either. The extraction process for organic nicotine for e-liquids is also different from the non-organic process. The organic route involves a cold refinement process and the non-organic process just uses chemicals to get the nicotine out.

Real Organic Vapors has Real Organic E-Juices for Sale

Organic liquids for vaporizers are without a doubt the best choice for anyone who wants to be as healthy and as eco-friendly as they can be while still enjoying a vaporizer. Since many vape enthusiasts happen to be individuals who are just walking away from cigarettes or chewing tobacco, having an alternative like organic vape juices for vaporizers or e-cigarettes is a true bonus.

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