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The Facts on the Juul E-Cig & If It’s the Right Choice to Switch

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E-cigarettes have been trending for several years now, with many lifelong cigarette addicts switching to this new type of smoking. Sparking anew in 2017 was a new kind of vaping instrument that saw vaping sales soar with this more modern, unique type of e-cigarette. Have you tried the Juul yet?

What is a Juul?

This new type of trendy e-cigarette looks like a USB stick and is much more sleek and compact than the normal, larger e-cigarette. It is even charged with a USB cable that is equally petite, making it a very versatile gadget. It has a futuristic edge to it, seeing as when people vape from it that it gives the impression they are sucking on a USB stick. Many of the younger vaping generations are the biggest purchasers of this product for the easier convenience of its size and discreetness of it.

But how does the Juul differ from the normal e-cigarette?

The Juul delivers a higher impact of nicotine with its delivery system. It heats the e-juice at a high velocity, which the e-juice contains a much higher nicotine content than regular e-cigarettes, and allows for a faster nicotine absorption. This has become a serious problem among teenagers who have acquired a Juul and are rapidly getting addicted to nicotine through the Juul.

With normal e-cigarettes, there is a lower nicotine percentage in e-juice that when heated by the instrument, turns the liquid into vapor. There is no tar, arsenic, vinyl chloride, or the other 4,000 chemicals and 43 known carcinogenic compounds that are found in cigarettes in an e-cigarette. The juice is much cleaner in regard to ingredients, especially when choosing an organic e-juice over ones stocked in most smoke shops, gas stations, or vaping stands.

There is also no second-hand smoke associated with e-cigarettes since it is vapor and not real smoke like in cigarettes. Plus, the many flavors of e-juices tend to create a much more pleasant aroma to be around when people vape as opposed to the toxic smell of cigarettes.

The Juul has created a new skyrocketing vapor market. Since its release and from the newest data collected this month in May 2018, the Juul holds sixty percent of the vaporizing market. While nicotine research shows that this ingredient does not cause cancer, it is the many chemical and carcinogenic compounds added to cigarettes that create the health issues.

While e-cigarettes contain less nicotine and have a longer timeframe of research and studies, the Juul is fast becoming the replacement of the most purchased type of e-cigarette. Depending on whether you prefer to inhale less nicotine and have fewer e-juice flavors to choose from (the Juul has 4-5 options currently in e-juice), then those would be what a vape user would take into account on what type of e-cigarette they prefer.

Real Organic Vape E-Juices

If you vape, it’s important that you know what is inside the e-juices you buy for your e-cigarette. At Real Organic Vapors, there are only USDA-certified organic ingredients in the e-juices available for purchase. Not only is that crucial for vaping, but the nicotine in the e-juices is also USDA organic too, which is the first of its kind! The packaging for the e-juices are made with recycled materials and every part of the bottles are chosen to preserve and maintain a long shelf life for the products.

Visit the Real Organic Vapors online shop to choose the best organic e-juices for your e-cigarette device! Vaping shouldn’t be an unhealthy choice when it comes to the ingredients inside the e-juice. Real Organic Vapors has the organic qualities to ensure clean ingredients and natural extracts for vibrant e-juice flavors. Happy vaping!

2 thoughts on “The Facts on the Juul E-Cig & If It’s the Right Choice to Switch

  1. Thanks for sharing the facts about the juul.

  2. my story. I am now 78 yrs old. had my last puff Dec 4, 2009 at 10 PM, it is now Aug. 6 2018. 4 pack a day smoker, over $600.oo per month. every 6 weeks with my $20.oo co-pay the hospital took a pint of blood from me. my blood was so thick it took 2 hours to get I pint from me. my body tricked my bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. could not walk 50 feet. I could go on but my freedom of speech ends with the FDA and chuck schumer.

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