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When Should I Replace My E-Cig Cartridge?

Choosing to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes can seem like an overall beneficial and easy decision to make. However, the fact is that e-cigarettes are a bit more complex to understand and operate, especially since they come with many different interchangeable parts[1]. However, as soon as one thoroughly understands the parts and how they work together, they can rather enjoy their e-cigarette experience.

About E-Cig Cartridges

One of the most important parts of the e-cigarette is the cartridge–also known as the atomizer or cart. E-cigarette cartridges are disposable devices that come pre-filled with e-cigarette juice and have built-in atomizers. They are screwed onto one end of the battery, while the other end has the silicon mouthpiece an individual puffs on. While cartridges are typically understood to be one-use devices, many individuals have discovered that they can actually be used many times over. So when should they actually be replaced?

Over time, an e-cigarette cartridge will gain some wear and no longer perform the same way. Even more noticeably, the strong, “like new” taste will fade away, depriving the user of the intense satisfaction they normally get through e-cigarette use. The reasons this may occur is that the e-liquid loses some of its potency from sitting in the cartridge for too long, and the coil gets worn out from being used with insufficient e-liquid to properly vaporize. The latter occurs because the wick inside the coil must stay wet to prevent the coil from burning it, and to provide the coil with something to heat and vaporize. After a time, e-liquid will dry up on the wick so that it no longer works properly, and many vapers lose interest as a result of the diminished experience.

So the simple answer to when you should replace your e-cigarette cartridge is that you should replace it as soon as your personal satisfaction is waning, and the flavor is no longer as strong as it once was or the draw has become too tight. You’ll know when it’s necessary to replace the cartridge, because you will desire to re-experience the type of vaping that you first fell in love with. Considering how inexpensive cartridges are, it is well worth it to replace them whenever is necessary so that one can continue to enjoy the vaping experience.


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