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7 Reasons Why Vaping is a Badass Alternative to Cigarettes

  1. Vaping gives you the same satisfaction with less nicotine:
    Many vapers switching from analog cigarettes find that they are satisfied with low to non-existent nicotine levels. An international study done in 2013 reported that only 12% of participants used more than a 5mg concentration of nicotine by the end of the trial process (approximately 8 months), while over 64% of the public surveyed had reduced their nicotine levels by the end of the study. Overall, it was noted that people felt less dependent on the vape than cigarettes. There are other studies done on this as well, which you can find here.
  2. You can save a buttload of money by vaping:
    “How much is a buttload” You ask?  In this case, about 20 bucks a week, or about $1000 a year. Even if you invest in a reasonably kickass mod, you’re still saving a decent amount of money in the first year – and realistically, you’ll have it for longer than that. Want proof? Check out my dazzling math skillz here.
  3. You will smell better than Isaiah Mustafah:
    OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but seriously –  you could smell like Blackberry Mint, or French Vanilla on a spring day or a bunch of other delicious things. Who wouldn’t want to smell like that?
  4. And speaking of all of those delicious things… can we just talk about the flavors for a second?:
    Apples and caramel and cinnamon and milk and honey and fruit and mint and breakfast cereals… oh my! Pretty much any flavor you’re craving (and some you didn’t even know you were craving) can be found in juice form. You can get them in vape shops and all over the interwebs (like.. on for example). And if you’re bound and determined to get the absolute perfect omgicouldvapethisalldayeveryday flavor you can always make your own (more on that in a later post so stay with me, lovies).
  5. All of the nasty stuff that isn’t in secondhand vapor
    According to this study which you can find at
  6. Vaping is just… a healthier deal all around:
    Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist in Athens, Greece has done a legit job of researching the health effects of e-cigarettes and their viability as a smoking cessation aid. You can check out many of his findings in the list of studies compiled earlier in this article, and some more of his (and other peeps’) recent research over here Yes, the papers are obviously written for people who speak “medical” but the upshot is that vapor is nicer to your lungs, heart and your cells as a whole. You’re welcome.And finally… just throwing this out there…
  7. Because vape tricks:
    Vape Trick 1
    Vape Trick 2
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