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Why You Should Be Rotating Your E-Liquid Regularly

While some individuals may argue that vaping is not entirely safe or healthy, many others readily agree that it is far safer and healthier than regular tobacco smoking. Studies have even proven that not only is vaping a better alternative to regular tobacco smoking, but it even carries with it some benefits[1]. Strangely enough, one of the things that most individuals consider to be a benefit of vaping is also one of the things that they also consider to be its biggest drawback: choosing an e-liquid they really enjoy.

Choosing and Rotating E-Liquids

There are countless e-liquid flavors and strengths, designed to satisfy a wide range of needs, desires and tastes. This can be quite exciting for an individual who found very little variety in tobacco cigarettes, but it can also be frustrating to have to keep trying different brands and flavors, always searching for the perfect one. There are some basic guiding steps that one can follow in order to find the perfect e-liquid[2], but what happens when the wonderful taste one has spent so long searching for seems to slowly fade away?

It is possible for an individual to consider that an e-liquid isn’t as flavorful or potent as it once was because it has “sat out” too long or some such thing. In actuality, as long as an e-liquid is properly stored in a cool, dark and dry location (but not in the refrigerator), it can last for quite some time. What may be happening, though, is that the individual’s taste buds have gotten used to the flavor over continued and repeated use and essentially became “burnt out” on that flavor. To avoid this, an individual should keep their e-liquids in rotation.

Rotating one’s e-liquids allows them to keep their taste buds somewhat confused and “fresh”, so that they can still enjoy the fullness of the flavors they have chosen. In addition to enjoying a rotating variety, an individual should also avoid using multiple flavors in the same atomizer, which may create a weird and unpleasant blended flavor. Instead, some individuals choose to keep multiple atomizers, each for use with a different e-liquid, so that they can easily and rapidly rotate through them as much as desired.

It may take time to build up a variety of e-liquids that one truly enjoys and can rotate through, but it can be well worth it when all the flavors stay fresh and exciting.



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  1. I like that you mentioned how e liquid can keep for a long time if stored properly. This is so important for those who are avid vapers. Always keeping some e liquid on hand will ensure you are always ready when you need to be on the road.

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