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5 Tips for Properly Storing Your E-Liquid

It is generally true that just about anything and everything around us comes with tips on how to use it safely, and vaping is no different. Vaping is widely viewed as a healthier, safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, but one of the main reasons behind its raging popularity is the fact that e-liquids contain much-desired nicotine[1]. It is also true that e-liquid contains liquid nicotine in such quantities that any individual who ingests it or places it in contact with their skin can experience vomiting and seizures, sometimes with fatal results[2]. However, this is also true about many of the cleaning chemicals we store in our home–such as bleach, window cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, any ammonia products and more. This means that one simply needs to be smart about storing their e-liquid, just as they are smart about storing their household cleaning products.

Tips for Proper E-Liquid Storage

1. Store your e-liquid in a high, concealed place–like on the top shelf of your closet. You may think that storing your e-liquid in high kitchen cabinets has the same safety results, but the fact is that curious children are more likely to scale the counters in a kitchen and go searching in top cabinets there than in your bedroom closet.

2. Place your liquid inside a locked box or safe. Whether a key or combination lock box or safe, this secure box further protects your e-liquid from being found and improperly used.

3. Insist on child safety tops. Many e-liquid manufacturers have switched to using child safety tops for their e-liquids. It may be that your favorite e-liquids have not yet switched to this practice, but you can insist that they should and that you won’t buy from them until they do. If enough consumers insist on this important safety measure, manufacturers will likely rise to meet the demand.

4. Store in a dark and cool place. E-liquids are generally very sensitive to light and heat, which can weaken the quality of the e-liquid over time. This does not mean that one must refrigerate their e-liquid, and actually refrigeration can pose new safety concerns. It is best to simply find a dark and cool location that allows e-liquid to maintain normal room temperature.

5. Purchase the dark glass e-liquid bottles, rather than the soft plastic e-liquid bottles. This will help to maintain the e-liquid’s quality, as it will help further guard against light and heat.



2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Properly Storing Your E-Liquid

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