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The Benefits of Nicotine-Free Vaping

nicotine-free vaping

Whether it is openly acknowledged, vaping poses a very real threat to the tobacco industry[1]. This can seem ludicrous in view of the fact that tobacco smoking has been stable for a considerable length of time, until one considers that vaping provides the individual with many of the same pleasures of tobacco smoking, without quite as many downsides. In fact, in the smoking vs. vaping debate, there is clear evidence that vaping is definitely the safer alternative, primarily because it does not involve the use of the countless chemicals and tar that are part of tobacco smoking. Additionally, vaping provides the individual with the opportunity to avoid the use of the addictive drug substance nicotine, an option which is simply not available in tobacco smoking.

Vaping Nicotine vs. Smoking

The primary reason for why many tobacco smokers become and remain addicted to cigarettes is because of their nicotine content. This addictive drug substance works to activate the parts of the brain involved in pleasure and reward, increasing levels of dopamine. These effects are short-term, however, which is why the smoker feels the need to take another drag on their cigarette, and to continue smoking cigarettes in general even when they recognize the adverse effects cigarettes are having on their health and life.

Individuals who seek to put an end to their tobacco smoking habits often struggle as a result of nicotine addiction, which is why many “quit smoking” methods involve the use of nicotine products–such as patches and gum. The idea behind these products, of course, is that if the individual can receive their nicotine fix in some other way they won’t feel a need to smoke cigarettes anymore. The hope is that eventually, the individual should be able to remove the nicotine patches or gum from their lives and still remain cigarette-free. These nicotine replacement methods have worked for many individuals, but are not entirely successful for others. What has been far more successful for many individuals who want to quit smoking is to switch to vaping nicotine. This allows the individuals to continue experiencing the hand-to-mouth sensation of smoking while also receiving the nicotine they have become used to. More importantly, however, is that vaping nicotine starts the individual on the path to nicotine-free vaping.

Nicotine-Free Vaping

Vapers have a choice and privilege that tobacco smokers simply don’t have: whether to vape with nicotine and how much. Eliminating nicotine can be highly desirable, as the individual is eliminating their exposure to an addictive drug substance. However, they can do this gently, over time, using e-liquids with increasingly smaller amounts of nicotine in them until they are using e-liquids with no amount of nicotine in them at all. The benefits of nicotine-free vaping make this very well worth it, and include:

  • The vaping experience becomes much smoother, without the “throat hit” caused by nicotine. This throat hit is often initially considered a pleasure associated with nicotine use but is actually a result of the irritating effects of nicotine.
  • The absence of nicotine can allow the individual to enjoy a broader range of e-juice flavors. Some individuals feel that nicotine enhances the flavor of e-juices, but others feel that it takes something away from the experience.
  • Nicotine-free vaping often means less coughing. Coughing is usually seen as the body’s way of communicating that something is irritating it–and it’s not unusual for tobacco smokers to cough often, even while they are not smoking. Nicotine-free vaping does not irritate the lining of the throat, so the vaper is not likely to suffer from coughing.

So when considering “Is vaping better than cigarettes?” the simple and obvious answer is yes. The benefits of nicotine-free vaping is just one small example of why this is.


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  1. I found it interesting when you said that vaping nicotine will help a person start their process of being nicotine-free. This has just given me the idea to get my brother a vape for his birthday because I wanted him to stop cigarette smoking. He has been smoking ever since he reached high school because his friends have influenced him down that path. I don’t want him to end up having health problems, so thanks a lot for the information!

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