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Vaping Vocab: 6 Buzzwords Users Should Know

For many individuals, the choice to switch from tobacco smoking to vaping is incredibly easy.  After all, even scientists and health professionals have noted the many benefits of making the transition.[1]  However, the truth is that vaping is just not as simple as tobacco smoking, and some individuals may very well decide to give up on making the switch because they just don’t understand some of the important basics.

Vaping Buzzwords

Anyone who is truly interested in taking up vaping would do well to be thorough in their research, finding answers to all their questions through various online forums, discussion groups and other resources.  That said, there are a few buzzwords one should know right out of the gate:

  1. Atomizer. This is the actual heating element that is used in order to vaporize e-liquids.
  1. Battery. This is the power source for an e-cigarette, which is responsible for powering the atomizer so it can heat the e-liquid.  There are two main types of batteries–an automatic battery, which automatically powers the heating element as soon as the user begins puffing on the e-cigarette, and a manual battery, which only powers the heating element after the user presses a button.
  1. Clearomizer. This is the container that holds both the atomizer and the drip tip, which improves user comfort.
  1. E-liquid. This is the flavored liquid which is heated in order to produce vapor.  Most e-liquids, which are sometimes also called e-juices, contain some amount of nicotine, but some are entirely nicotine-free.  There is a wide variety of wonderful e-liquid flavors available to satisfy any need.
  1. MOD. This is an electronic cigarette that is powered by removable batteries.
  1. PG and VG. Propylene Glycol, or PG, is one of the main ingredients that can be found in e-liquids.  E-liquids that contain a higher PG ratio are often more flavorful.  Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, is another of the main ingredients that can be found in e-liquids.  E-liquids that contain a higher VG ratio are often thicker, and as a result can produce larger, thicker vapor clouds than high PG e-liquids. However, they don’t usually carry flavor as well as PG e-liquids.

Enjoying one’s vaping experience depends largely upon choosing the right vaping tools.  Something as simple as understanding the difference between PG and VG, for example, can completely alter one’s vaping experience.  Taking the time to learn all about vaping is time well spent.


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