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Are E-Cigarettes Helping to Prevent Obesity

While it may not be the only reason some tobacco smokers are reluctant to quit smoking, concerns about their weight may in fact be one reason.  Studies have long indicated that tobacco smoking can effectively curb an individual’s appetite[1], which unfortunately means for some that quitting can lead to undesirable weight gain–as much as eleven pounds in the first year after quitting. Fortunately, e-cigarettes may be able to help with this.

How E-Cigarettes Can Help With Weight

One of the leading causes for excessive and undesirable weight gain, especially when an individual has chosen to quit smoking, is perpetual snacking.  Where nicotine works to suppress the individual’s appetite, an absence of nicotine in the system can cause the individual to feel as though they constantly suffer from an insatiable appetite.  Individuals who are truly dedicated to quitting will often decide that it is far better to snack and gain weight than return to cigarette smoking, though even minimal weight gain can be incredibly frustrating.  Luckily, there is another way.

Research by scientists from New Zealand and Sterling has uncovered the fact that the aroma, taste and flavor of sweet and fruit-flavored e-juices can successfully help to curb an individual’s appetite in a safe and more natural way.  This can be especially true for those who are trying to quit tobacco smoking, as the physical hand-to-mouth movements required for vaping can work to occupy the individual’s hands and mind, which also reduces their urge to eat.

Individuals who have suffered the strong urge to snack on high-calorie foods and sweets are often aware of the fact that there is very little lasting satisfaction in giving in to this urge, as the flavor and taste of calorie-laden snacks and treats tend to pass almost the moment after a bite has been taken and swallowed.  With vaping, however, the rich, full flavor lingers, providing more satisfaction without adding to the individual’s waistline.  And with a very broad range of available e-juice flavors, individuals are able to find whatever flavor they most desire and will most help them to curb their cravings.

So the next time you feel like reaching for a sweet treat–consider reaching for a sweet e-juice instead.  We recommend our best-selling Peanut Brittle e-juice to satisfy rich cravings, or our Mango Mystique e-juice to satisfy lighter, fruity cravings.  Either way, you’re sure to be satisfied–both with taste as well as weight stabilization.


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