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What Does Your E-Cigarette Say About You?

Just as the style of clothes you wear can give onlookers clues into your personality, so too can your e-cigarette.  Everything from the brand of e-cigarette you choose to the color of the unit, the battery you use, the e-juice flavor you prefer and more can give clues into who you are.  So what does your e-cigarette say about you?

E-Cigarette Preferences

Generally speaking, simply owning an e-cigarette can give clues into your personality, such as:

  • You prefer healthy choices. In many cases, individuals choose to switch from analog cigarettes to e-cigarettes because of the numerous health benefits achieved by doing so.[1] It is becoming increasingly more recognized that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes, and are often an effective way to quit smoking altogether.
  • You like saving money. E-cigarettes, which are normally reusable, are far more cost-efficient than tobacco cigarettes.
  • You embrace technology. While vaping is steadily growing in popularity, it is often true that only those who are truly open-minded and comfortable with the idea of embracing new technology are comfortable vaping.

More specifically, your e-cigarette choices can give other clues into your personality, such as:

  • Whether you are more vibrant and outgoing or elegant and sophisticated. Bold e-cigarette color choices, like pink or blue, can indicate a vibrant, outgoing personality, while classic e-cigarette color choices, like white, black or silver, can indicate an elegant and sophisticated personality.
  • Whether you prefer comfort or control. E-cigarette batteries come in automatic and manual options[2], and one’s choice can say a lot about their personality.  With an automatic battery, the individual can comfortably affect the battery’s operation simply by dragging on the e-cigarette.  With a manual battery, the individual has control over the battery’s operation through a button.
  • Whether you prefer simple tradition or like to step out and “play” a little. Many individuals prefer the traditional flavors offered by normal tobacco cigarettes, and enjoy sticking with these flavors when they move to vaping.  Others like to try something different.  With a fun, fruity flavor, such as our best-selling and highly popular Apple Caramelo, you are indicating that you enjoy stepping out of the box a little and having fun.

Whatever your personal preferences when it comes to e-cigarettes, embrace your uniqueness.  After all, with the right combination, vaping can be very fun and enjoyable.



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