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When Should I Upgrade My Vape

Whether you are a beginning or more experienced vaper, you have likely discovered that there are many wonderful benefits of switching from tobacco smoking to vaping. You have also discovered that vaping is slightly more complicated than tobacco smoking, requiring more equipment and know-how. Starter kits are a great way to become acquainted with vaping without going through too much trouble, but over time as you learn more about vaping you may want to upgrade to a more sophisticated vaping set. On the other hand, perhaps you have been using a more sophisticated vaping set for a while and things just don’t seem to be quite the same as they once were. In either case, it may be time to upgrade your vaping set.

When to Upgrade

While it has been catching on more and more, vaping is still relatively new, and has seen some pretty dramatic improvements over recent years. However, since the components to a nice vaping set can be rather pricey, it is not always workable to upgrade whenever you want, or whenever a new vaping technology comes out. That said, you should definitely consider upgrading some part or all of your vaping set when:

  • Your current vaping set has officially become archaic. True, older vaping equipment may still work–kind of–but it is unlikely to be as comfortable, convenient or pleasing as more modern vaping equipment. Over time, vaping styles, designs and technology has become more sophisticated, and vapers are more interested in using vaping sets that are more attractive, sleek and powerful. You may notice that other vapers sort of snicker in your direction when you pull out your vaping set, simply because of how obviously dated it is. Just consider how far cell phones have come in the last two decades or even the last decade, and you can understand how change is a very good thing.
  • Your favorite e-liquids don’t taste the way they once did. When your taste buds are exposed to the same flavor time and time again, they no longer respond in the same way. It can be incredibly frustrating when you sit back and relax to vape your favorite e-liquid, only to discover that it is essentially tasteless. This can happen with the foods you eat just as much as it can happen with the e-liquids you vape. Fortunately, burnt out taste buds are repairable if you avoid poor-quality e-liquids altogether and frequently switch to another, high-quality e-liquid flavor. You may very well discover that you actually have several favorite flavors, and by moving around between them your taste buds can remain constantly thrilled.
  • Your batteries don’t charge as well or last as long. Like other batteries, vaping batteries eventually wear out and fail to charge fully or retain their charge as long as they once did. You may notice this occurring after around three hundred charges, and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do except replace the battery. While some vaping sets allow you to remove and replace your batteries, others have built-in batteries that require entire set replacement. When this occurs, one has the perfect opportunity to upgrade.
  • You’re itching to try something newer and fancier. When it comes to technology, sometimes we just want the best. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy the latest and greatest vaping set in order to benefit from an upgrade, though if you have the desire and the financial wherewithal to do so, by all means, go right ahead. If you are looking for a decent upgrade at a bargain price, consider purchasing a vaping set that was released not long ago, while not necessarily “yesterday.” It’ll provide the upgrade one desires with minimal sticker shock.

Done well and with the right equipment, vaping can be both relaxing and enjoyable. Whether you like deeper, richer flavors, bigger vapor clouds or the most discreet vaping set in existence, taking the opportunity to upgrade every now and then can be quite pleasant, and may open the door to an even better vaping experience.

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