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5 Common Mistakes Vapers Make That Ruin Their Vaping Products

There are many wonderful benefits to vaping, especially if you are switching to vaping from tobacco smoking, but it does require that you learn about, acquire and take care of vaping equipment. The equipment you use doesn’t have to be complicated to work well, but it does have to be well taken care of in order to last. Even though we have the best of intentions, there are some common mistakes that vapers make that can potentially ruin their vaping products:

  1. Destroying battery life. Despite the fact that most e-cigarette batteries are disposable, vapers are often unpleasantly surprised by how often they need to be replaced. Unfortunately, what they usually do not realize is that they may actually be inadvertently destroying battery life. To prevent this from occurring, you should only use batteries and chargers that have been produced by reputable manufacturers, and avoid using chargers that exceed the charging rating amperage on the battery. You should also never allow your battery to remain plugged into the charger after it’s fully charged, and always store it in a dry, cool place.
  1. Taking short, fast puffs or chain vaping. Short, fast puffs on an e-cigarette can destroy the coil mechanism, as can chain vaping because neither allows the e-cigarette to “rest.” Furthermore, short, fast puffs and chain vaping don’t allow for full vaping enjoyment and can lead to dry hits and vaper’s tongue.[1]
  1. Immersing any part of your e-cigarette device in water. Like other electronic devices, e-cigarettes do not get along well with a lot of moisture. Dry cotton swabs or specialized e-cigarette cleaning tools should be used to wipe it down.
  1. Allowing your e-cigarette to become really dirty. Over time, your e-cigarette is bound to acquire some built-up dirt and dust, as well as dried e-liquid in the cartomizer or tank. Not only can this filth reduce your battery life, it can also contribute to a foul taste every time you vape.
  1. Vaping without putting e-liquid in the cartomizer or tank. While this is usually a complete accident, it can potentially ruin your coil or even your tank. Furthermore, since your wick has no liquid to vaporize, it will usually begin to burn itself, leading to a burnt taste that is incredibly unpleasant.

Taking good care of your vaping equipment is well worth it, as it will not only ensure it lasts, but also that you will have the best vaping experience possible.


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