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Why Vaping is Appealing to Both Genders

men and women vaping

Considering that if you encounter someone who is vaping they are just as likely to be a woman as a man, it is interesting to note that vaping was once dominated by men–even as recently as a couple years ago. This is particularly intriguing when you consider that one of the primary ways that vaping has been marketed from the beginning is through the vape vs. smoking debate, wherein individuals are enlightened on the many vaping benefits that are not available through traditional cigarette smoking. In other words, vaping has never been particularly marketed towards men over women; people who were introduced to the subject just came to understand the basics of why vaping is better than traditional smoking. So what has caused the shift so that it is now appealing so much to both genders equally?

Why Vaping is Better for Everyone

A recent survey taken by a vaping brand located in the United Kingdom has uncovered the fact that women smokers today are slightly more likely to take up vaping than men. It’s not entirely clear why this is, although there is some speculation that its increasing popularity among female celebrities may be a major contributing factor. After all, women do tend to be more conscious of how various habits affect their health and well-being, and often look to celebrities as examples of what to and what not to do in order to receive the most physical benefits. That said, it is also quite possible that women smokers are simply gaining access to more education about vaping and its many benefits, and this is contributing to their decision to switch.

Public Health, England’s recent study into e-cigarettes, concluded that vaping is a full ninety-five percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This may explain perfectly why vaping is so appealing to both genders–more and more studies are indicating that it is far safer than traditional smoking, and it has proven to be a far preferable alternative to stop-smoking aids like nicotine patches and gum. After all, vaping can allow the individual to continue receiving nicotine, but in such a way that they can actually slowly taper down and entirely off their nicotine use gently and over time. Furthermore, vaping can allow the individual to continue the hand-to-mouth habit that most smokers miss when they attempt to quit smoking cold turkey or when they switch to some of the more popular stop-smoking aids.

More and more individuals are coming to recognize that vaping may be the solution to reducing smoke-related health problems and illnesses that occur both among individuals who smoke as well as among individuals who are subjected to secondhand smoke. Vaping can also be less expensive than traditional cigarette smoking, largely because e-cigarettes can be reused many times before eventually needing replacement, as compared to traditional cigarettes that are disposed of after each use.

A Final Thought

In order to be completely fair, it is important to acknowledge the fact that health experts will not admit that vaping is better than nothing at all, or that non-smokers should consider taking up vaping just to do so. This does not seem to be a major issue, however, because the individuals who tend to be interested in or attracted to e-cigarettes are often also the same individuals who are interested in or attracted to traditional smoking. Vaping appeals to both genders because there are plenty of individuals spread across both genders who are attracted to smoking and who either want to prevent that habit from forming or who want to put an end to that habit. In this case, vaping is most certainly the better option and the one that the individual most definitely should check into.

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