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3 Ways E-Cigs Can Save Cigarette Smokers Money

With e-cigarette use steadily increasing in popularity, one may wonder why so many individuals have chosen to make the switch.  Perhaps one of the primary reasons individuals make the switch is because they do not desire to quit all nicotine use cold-turkey, but they understand that there are many apparent health benefits to switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes[1].   Additionally, those individuals who do desire to quit smoking completely have found that e-cigarettes are more successful than other methods simply because they allow the individual to control and reduce their nicotine intake levels[2].   For those who aren’t too concerned health benefits or quitting, the switch to e-cigarettes can still provide them with a wonderfully attractive benefit: they can save them money.

How E-Cigs Can Save Smokers Money

1. No taxes. An individual who smokes a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day can easily spend in excess of two hundred dollars a month.  A lot of this is state and federal taxes, which have both risen steadily over the past decade.  On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are not currently subject to the same tax laws as tobacco cigarettes.

2. Cheaper cartridges.  One e-cigarette cartridge is roughly equivalent to the smoking power of one pack of cigarettes.  Considering that the average cost of an e-cigarette cartridge is around two and a half dollars, it’s easy to see the potential savings.  Assuming that an individual smokes twenty tobacco cigarettes a day and pays an average of seven dollars per pack of cigarettes, they will spend roughly twenty-five hundred dollars on cigarettes in a single year.  However, assuming an average starter kit cost of fifty dollars, that same individual would spend roughly nine hundred dollars on e-cigarettes in a single year.

3. Refillable cartridges.  Individuals who buy their e-cigarette flavors in liquid form can refill old cartridges or even buy blank cartridges that are designed to be refilled and reused.  This can allow the individual to further reduce the cost of cartridge use–by as much as another fifty percent.

One should also consider that e-cigarette use means the individual won’t have tobacco smoke smells on their clothes or breath, which means that perfume, cologne, mint and gum cover-ups are unnecessary.  They also won’t need lighters or ashtrays, another “small” expense that quickly adds up over time.  All in all, the potential savings that are possible through a switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarette use makes it an incredibly attractive option.



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