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Advanced Personal Vaporizer vs Stick E-Cig: What’s the Difference?

It should not be incredibly surprising to learn that e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and will likely become even more so in the years to come.  After all, there are many benefits[1] to trading in your tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes, including the absence of tobacco, tar, and smoke smells, the lack of ash, and the avoidance of more than four thousand chemicals (including forty known carcinogens) while being able to maintain and even control one’s nicotine intake.  However, just because the transition to e-cigarettes may be healthier[2] than continuing to use tobacco cigarettes does not mean that everyone finds it easy.  However, some individuals find that Advanced Personal Vaporizers make the transition easier than stick e-cigarettes.  So what’s the difference between the two?

Stick E-Cigarettes

A stick e-cigarette is the most basic type of e-cigarette, and the most similar in style to a traditional tobacco cigarette (though there are some basic style differences between brands).  Stick e-cigarettes normally require very little maintenance and normally come with extra cartridges, allowing the individual to enjoy more time vaping and less time refilling.  The stick e-cigarette battery is small, lasting for about one fourth to one half a day on a single charge depending on how extensively the individual uses it.  While they may not be able to produce the huge clouds of vapor that some individuals get out of Advanced Personal Vaporizers, they can produce a decent amount of vapor that satisfies most users and are small and convenient to carry.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

An Advanced Personal Vaporizer, or APV, is much larger than a stick e-cigarette and has a much larger battery.  Depending upon the specific battery type and size, an APV battery can last for up to three days if used normally–less if used constantly.  Many APVs have batteries that are charged externally, so individuals can have several batteries in order to rotate their use and have uninterrupted vaping capabilities.  The design of APVs also allow individuals the option of drawing greater pulls that can then result in very large vapor clouds.

Making a Choice

There are certain advantages to both stick e-cigarette use and APV use, not the least of which is the stick e-cigarette’s easier concealment but the APVs ability to produce larger vapor clouds.  Ultimately, the choice of whether to use an APV or a stick e-cigarette is up to the individual himself based on what he prefers.



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