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5 Reasons Why Every Vaper Should Own a Vape Pen

While some individuals choose to take up vaping for pure pleasure and enjoyment, many other individuals choose to take up vaping as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. In the latter case, the individual is often aware of the fact that vaping can be slightly more complicated than tobacco smoking, with more supplies and options available to them. It is for this reason that many beginning vapers start out with a vape pen. However, even when a vaper becomes more comfortable and familiar with vaping, perhaps putting together a more complex vaping set, they should continue to hold onto their vape pen.

Why Every Vaper Needs a Vape Pen

  1. You can enjoy low-profile vaping. Some vapers prefer not to vape openly in public or around certain friends or family members. Generally speaking, vape pens are fairly small and easy to conceal, and they are simply not powerful enough to produce high volumes of vapor. Even though it has been determined that vapor clouds are not harmful to bystanders, this doesn’t mean that others will know this or be entirely comfortable with your obvious vaping nearby. Since vape pens tend to produce little or no vapor clouds, you will not draw attention to yourself and you will enjoy the low-profile vaping you desire.
  1. Losing your vape pen won’t cause financial despair. Vape pens are far more affordable than complex box mods, which means that if you lose one, you won’t have to break the bank in order to replace it. This also makes it easier to keep several vape pens around for convenience sake.
  1. You can charge your vape pen quickly. The smaller batteries in vape pens charge more quickly than the larger batteries in box mods, in approximately thirty minutes as opposed to several hours. However, this benefit does come at a price: smaller batteries mean shorter battery life.
  1. You will have a backup in case your main vaporizer quits. You can spend the time, energy and money on obtaining a second box mod in case your primary one quits on you, but a vape pen is obviously a less expensive and more portable option.
  1. Vape pens are wonderfully durable. This is not to say that box mods break easily, but the fact is that since a high-quality vape pen has few components[1], it is less likely to break or fall apart easily.


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