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How Vaping Can Save You More Money Than Switching Your Car Insurance

I won’t even start with how much I’ve never saved on car insurance by switching to anyone.

What I can tell you is that you can save money (if you’re currently a cigarette smoker) by switching to vaping. I’m sure you’ve already heard this and it’s just one of those things that your friends who vape say that you go “Oh, yeah? That’s cool” to and never think about again.

So, you’re probably all like “Well, sure, you say that; but can I really save that much by vaping?” Well, that depends. Let’s do some super-fun math, K?

C’mon, it’ll be fun!


Here goes:

A 14 ml bottle (such as we sell here at Real Organic Vapors) is equal to about 7 packs of conventional cigarettes.

Juice Equal Cigs

If you consider the cost of a pack of cigarettes (including the “cheap” ones like L&M, Pall Mall, 305’s etc…) which in the US is anywhere from around $4 to around $13 (Hello, New York/New Jersey… side note… that’s where I grew up. Holla!)






and a 14ml bottle, worth 7 packs is about $16 (for the legit, certified organic stuff). Well… you do the math. No, seriously. Here’s the math:

1 pack a day @ $8.50 (median price) x 7 days = $59.50

1 bottle of 14 ml Eliquid @ $16 x 7 days = $16

So, you save about $43.50 a week, or about $1400 a year.

Let’s let that sink in for a minute…


Even if you invest in a reasonably kickass mod, like one of these:  you could still be saving a decent amount of money in the first year – and realistically, you’ll have it for longer than that.

OK, but seriously. It’s important to add, in the interest of being an unbiased writer, that the operative word here is can. It’s certainly possible, depending on the type of apparatus you’re using

This reddit user started a pretty informative thread (yes, it’s a bit dated) that definitely illustrates the wide range of factors involved when you consider how much you’ll be vaping as opposed to smoking. For a more recent view, you can check out this thread started last year on I’ve learned that the type of device and the settings you use (as well as how much of a “cloud chaser” you are) really make a difference in how much juice you will use in a day. The amount of nicotine you use is also a contributing factor.

So basically, If you’re looking for an alternative to cigarettes, there’s a very good chance that you could be missing out on satisfying your urge to be doing something while you’re doing something and spending less money doing it.

And that’s just if you’re smoking a pack or less a day right now. If you smoke slightly more… or a lot more than a pack a day, you could be saving even more dinero, and all without even worrying about your car insurance.

Mic drop.

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