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Has the FDA Approved Electronic Cigarettes?

With some studies indicating that electronic cigarettes are considerably safer than tobacco cigarettes[1],  and many individuals using electronic cigarettes as a means by which to quit smoking altogether[2],  it is no wonder that someone may consider whether they are also FDA approved, and therefore completely safe for extended use.

FDA Approval

It may not be surprising to learn that earning FDA approval for a product that will be used by millions of individuals each and every day is neither quick nor easy.  It takes extensive clinical research and information for the FDA to determine whether a product can be safely used by individuals who follow recommended use guidelines, and whether any potential drawbacks may be outstripped by potential benefits.  The consideration of electronic cigarettes is no exception.

The FDA has announced that they do plan to regulate e-cigarettes, but they have not yet done so because the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes has not been fully studied or tested to date.  A statement on the FDA’s website indicates that there is currently no way of knowing for sure whether e-cigarettes are safe when used as recommended, whether potentially harmful substances are being inhaled and will adversely affect the human body at some point, or whether there may be worthwhile benefits associated with their use.

How E-Cigarette Users Feel

While FDA approval can set many at ease in their use of e-cigarettes, there are those who already believe the extensive benefits make e-cigarettes well worth it.  Some of these benefits include:

● No tobacco, tar or other tobacco-smoking-related toxins.  E-cigarettes allow an individual to get their desired dose of nicotine without ingesting the approximately four thousand different chemicals produced through burning tobacco.

● No smoke smell.  Tobacco smokers are often frustrated by the smoke smell that clings to their hair, clothes, walls and furniture and that even seems to come out of their pores.  E-cigarettes have no such smoke smell.

● No ash and cigarette butt production.  Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have no messy ash or gross cigarette butt production.

● Individual control of nicotine ingested.  E-liquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths, from zero to quite high.  This allows an individual to control their nicotine intake, and even gradually work nicotine completely out of their life if they so choose.

The FDA may still need time, but many users have already made their choice.



1 thought on “Has the FDA Approved Electronic Cigarettes?

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