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How to Prevent Battery Failures in E-Cigarettes

As e-cigarettes have become more popular, there has been an increase in news articles regarding their use, including those that outline their many supposed dangers.  One supposed danger that is getting a lot of publicity is the potential risks caused by battery failures in e-cigarettes.

Preventing Battery Failures in E-Cigarettes

Regardless of whether battery failures in e-cigarettes occur as frequently as some would have us believe, one thing that needs to be understood is that battery failures and problems are possible with any battery-powered device, and yet there are people using cell phones and personal electronic devices.  So the fact that there is any potential for battery failures in e-cigarettes should not frighten you away from experiencing the many benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping[1].   You just need to learn what to do to prevent battery failures from occurring.

There are a couple of reasons for why a battery failure may occur in an e-cigarette, including user error, design flaw or device breakage.  Knowing the reasons for battery failure can allow one to take reasonable action to prevent it from occurring.  In the case of user error, an individual may simply not have enough information about the components of vaping and how to properly handle, store and clean these components.  For example, they may be keeping their extra battery loose in their pocket with change and keys, which can cause battery failure in any kind of battery.  To prevent this, one simply needs to get a battery case and keep their extra battery in it.  Another example is when a new vapor purchases components because they seem good and are affordable, but they don’t work well together and cause battery failure.  So the first thing any vapor should do is research vaping thoroughly so as to understand all its components, how they work together, and what combinations can lead to battery failures and other problems.  It’s a very good idea to join a social group that discusses vaping, as you will continue to get helpful hints and advice that may prevent mistakes from being made.

In the case of design flaws or breakage, this is a manufacturing error that is normally well prevented against occurring and yet sometimes will still occur.  A vapor should be confident that components that are designed to go together will in fact work well together without issue or problem, and they can contact the manufacturer if the battery does fail.


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