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Rising in Population: Educating New Vape Users

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Vaping is a very popular activity now, and it comes with a whole new array of styles, modifications, and techniques, from the equipment used, the types of juices enjoyed, and even one’s technique of vaping.  Unlike smoking cigarettes (which vaping essentially replaces) vaping gives hobbyists infinite customization options.  You can customize your vaporizer exactly how you want it.  You can choose from thousands of types of juices of various flavors, ingredients, and nicotine percentages.  You can learn vape “tricks” to make the activity fun and interesting.  You can even learn different techniques to daily vaping to create a style that is comfortable for you.

For New Vape Users

People overcomplicate vaping.  It’s not just about meticulous wire coiling procedures or advanced chemical equations regarding ohms and voltage and specific density of the juice.  A lot of people choose to get very involved in those things but you don’t have to.  You can learn some basic vape tricks to get your vape game where you want it to be.

Learning to vape is a simple procedure.  If you want to get into the complexities and intricacies of the hobby down the road you can, but for now, it helps to just learn the basics:

  • To start, you must first make sure your “mod” batteries are fully charged. (We call vape equipment “mods” most of the time).  Be sure to charge your battery fully so your mod will operate well.
  • Next up, unscrew the base of your tank and set it to the side. Insert a fresh atomizer coil.  You can buy these pre-made, or you can make them yourself.  Most of the time we recommend that new vaping enthusiasts buy pre-made atomizer coils and wicks to start.
  • Make sure when you are getting coils that you are only purchasing coils that are specifically designed for use with your mod, and vice versa. It is easy to get the coils and the mods confused as to which goes with which, so we recommend taking your mod into the vaping shop with you so you can show them which kind you have.
  • Once the atomizer coil is fully installed, fill your e-liquid tank with vaping liquid. Here again, you have immense options and customization in what kind of liquid you can get.  We recommend our organic vaping liquid, as it allows for the healthiest, safest vaping experience possible.
  • Now, assemble the tank back onto the mod again, being careful not to spill any of the e-liquid.
  • Turn the mod right side up and wait five minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the atomizing coil and wick. This is a crucial step and probably one of the most commonly forgotten steps.  If you start vaping right away, your coil and wick will burn out more rapidly, and you won’t get as good of a vaping experience as the mod will be attempting to pull vapor through a partially dry wick for the first few pulls.  No Bueno!
  • Set the voltage on your mod to about 3.2 volts or 8 watts depending on how your mod is configured. This is a good starting point for new vapers, though it too has a lot of customization possibilities.
  • Take a few puffs and adjust the power setting and airflow. Try not to exceed 4.8 volts as you first start out.

Learning to Vape

The beautiful thing about vaping is that it is much healthier than smoking cigarettes or chewing dip is (especially when you use our organic juices).  Plus this activity is fully customizable with lots of options.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to this fun and entertaining hobby.

At Organic Vape, we took the ideas of vaping and its healthy concept and said, “Yeah, but how do we make this even healthier?”  That was the incentive that got us to innovate fully organic e-liquids and juices.  We want the vaping experience to be a complete 180 from smoking cigarettes.  Totally, completely, healthy and safe!

If you haven’t checked out our organic juices yet, we encourage you to give them a try!

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