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Why PG-Free E-Juices are Important: Know What Goes Into Your E-Cigarette

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It’s common knowledge at this point that using vaporizers and e-liquids is a far better alternative to smoking cigarettes.  But how much better can we take this process?  How much more can we improve this already very workable system?  By themselves, vaporizers and e-liquids make for an alternative to smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco that presents a far safer approach to getting nicotine.  Cigarettes have over seventy known forms of carcinogens in them.  Vaping e-liquids do not.

Right off the bat, we are ahead of the game with vaporizers, but wouldn’t it be great if we could make this pastime even more healthy?  We can, with organic e-liquids.  The thing is, while regular e-liquid is not necessarily unhealthy or bad for you, it does have chemicals in it that the body could do without.  We are speaking of course of Propylene Glycol.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol, often called PG, is a petroleum byproduct and one of the main components in vape juice.  This is the active ingredient in e-liquids because it produces vapor when heated, which is what the user inhales when the vaporizer unit is activated.  PG allows for a similar, yet far less harmful sensation to smoking, giving smokers a great alternative that is not so dangerous or deadly.

However, PG has its own drawbacks too.  People can have allergic reactions to Propylene Glycol.  Propylene Glycol can cause some people to gain weight.  Some people can experience a sore throat from using PG in their vaporizers.  Some people are simply more sensitive to PG than others are.

PG-free vape liquids are a good alternative for people who react poorly to Propylene Glycol, or for people who simply want an alternative that is even healthier than standard, PG vaping already is.  PG-free e-liquids are becoming more popular too, as the vaping community strives for healthier and healthier methods of vaping.

What are PG-Free Vape Juices?

PG-free vape juices are available and liked by many.  These liquids use “Vegetable Glycerin” instead of Propylene Glycol.  Vegetable glycerin is a natural, organic substance.  It is a clear, odorless liquid that is produced from plant oils.  It usually comes from palm oil, soy, or coconut oil.  It is often found in herbal and botanical tinctures and supplements.

While vegetable glycerin produces a slightly different-tasting and feeling vape juice than PG juices do, vegetable glycerin e-liquids are far better for the human body.  While PG-based e-liquids are not necessarily “bad” for the body, Propylene Glycol is an artificial chemical, so some people will not react ideally to it.  Using vape liquids that contain vegetable glycerin as their active ingredient is a far healthier, more organic, and more natural approach.

A lot of people are switching over to vegetable glycerin vape juice and e-liquid products simply because they are healthier and they give the Vape Culture an even better experience.  VG-liquids are the way to go for a more organic, more natural experience that gives users a full, one-hundred and eighty-degree turn away from traditional, cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing.

Real Organic Vapors Have the Healthiest Vape Juice Solutions

At Real Organic Vapors, we pride ourselves on having the best, USDA organic e-liquids and vape juices available.  Our mission is to make the Vape Culture pastime not only fun and enjoyable but to make it a healthy activity too.

Any kind of vaping is going to be a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco is.  But wouldn’t it be great to make this activity even healthier than that?  Organic vaping liquids have all natural ingredients, nothing artificial and nothing toxic or negative.  You can get organic liquids with or without nicotine in them.  You can customize your organic liquids to give them the exact percentage of nicotine you want, or go totally nicotine-free.  Your choice!

We’re proud of our products and our value-add here at Real Organic Vapors.  Sign up for our newsletter today to receive great information on the healthiest way to vape, and receive ten percent off your next order.  You can also use coupons and codes on our site for other great deals like discounts on certain vape juice, e-juice or e-cigarette products, and free shipping.  Happy vaping!

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